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Guangdong guangzhou European shade tent board room factory

Exhibition tents, European tents, push-pull tents, folding tent, advertising ...

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Guangdong guangzhou European shade tent board room factory receives "the good faith cooperation innovation development" business ideas, committed to providing our customers to provide tents manufacturing, exhibition, promotion stage, the product exhibition hall and commercial office space planning, design, construction, etc. The company has a variety of industry experience with ten through practice and summarization, the service customer nearly, involved in tourism, body huang, market, real estate, automobile, building materials, clothing, cosmetics, manufacturing, mechanical... And so on the many kinds of industry. Exhibition, exhibition hall, stage, hotel meeting and enterprise order convention and so on, have numerous successful cases. We sincerely look forward to working with you together hand in hand, build infinite originality in space, but also build our common bright future.
Tents, telescopic awning, awning, large exhibition awning room, a trade fair, special product... [Details]